»Beavers« - Festival of Culture and Art Education 

Ljubljana Festival of Culture and Art Education »Beavers« was established in 2009. It’s aim is to enable greater accessibility of cultural and artistic events for children and youth, to encourage production of artistic and cultural events for children and a cooperation between governmental and non-governmental producers in the domain of cultural and artistic education, to promote the acclaimed cultural and artistic events for children, to integrate new contents and to take care of the overall cultural education and development of children and youth - both in educational and family environment.

Festival offers numerous events free of charge. All the events follow the postulate of culture and art education: preparation for the event, participation at the event (the experience) and the analysis and reflection of the event.

Activities in the morning are intended for educational institutions (kindergartens and schools) and the ones in the afternoon and on the weekends for families and individual visitors. An important part of the »Beavers« festival are short introductory welcoming speeches, which address young audiences as well as educational publications and materials that allow children, their families and teachers to deepen and reflect the contents, that were addressed at the specific cultural and art event they visited.

»Beavers« festival is a result of a cooperation between public institutions and non-governmental organizations in culture; it includes all areas of art: theater, music and dance performances, screenings at the city’s art cinema, events and readings in the municipality library; exhibitions, guided visits and workshops in museums and galleries as well as workshops in other areas of art and culture (architecture, design, cultural heritage, history …).